Storyboard for Pre-viz exercise: Conspiracies and Kidnappings

Want to know what #bluntspear is up to? Well, storyboarding. Obviously


Topscreen Logo and the Yakuza

Hey remember that Yakuza storyboard I did? Of course not. But I did it anyway and the director a few weeks back needed me to transform the boards into a working animatic. Which I did. And it was fun. Will show that when I can. Also designed (again) a logo for Topscreen TV. Yellows and... Continue Reading →

Blackberrys “Go Sharp” Concept Poster

Did a quick little design for a Talenthouse competition. Check it out. It's fashion. Get with the times, holmes. Let me know what you think. Plus a vote wouldn't hurt. Would actually help. A lot. So check it out and if you like it, give it the ol' Caesars thumb up: Sum up, Planning. Scheming.

In need of your Caesar’s thumb….

Hey Interweb. My Balloon Fun animation has made it into the final stages of the competition and need your help. I need some votes to help bump up my entry. And no you don't need to have a famous brother in a government boxes or do anything illegal. Just go on YouTube and like and share... Continue Reading →

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