It has been a PIMA design week

Last week has been a design week of sorts. Did a lot of design and branding for Talking elements for the website, business cards, newsletter templates, information packs... all o' that. Tomorrow is a bit of storyboarding for a project and of course some TAP stuff. Started a #TAPNews Segment:   Sum up,... Continue Reading →


Minx and stirring things up

Recently knocked out some designs for Minx, the rappidity rapper who needed some stickers done to promote her brand whilst touring overseas. Did the sketch in Photoshop, made a few tweaks on request and got some cool results. Check it, hombres: Be sure to check her out and support her music! Sum up, TAP design this week... Continue Reading →

Pick a card… any card

So I recently designed some business cards. Which is the second time I've done this for myself in damn near a decade. Turns out my work comes mostly by people talking behind my back. Snitches, you. So I thought with the new portfolio, networking and all that jazz, it'd be good to get a small batch... Continue Reading →

Topscreen Logo and the Yakuza

Hey remember that Yakuza storyboard I did? Of course not. But I did it anyway and the director a few weeks back needed me to transform the boards into a working animatic. Which I did. And it was fun. Will show that when I can. Also designed (again) a logo for Topscreen TV. Yellows and... Continue Reading →

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