Wish Big.

Remember those 2 Talenthouse competitions I entered. Didn’t win. Not a surprise in all honesty. Save for a few that made the last round that had me genuinely scratching my head. But thought I would share on here one of the last entries to the Downsizing comp.

Just a low angle of woman dwarfed by towering Dandelions. May go and see it in the cinema soon. I have one of those “see any film anytime” cards, otherwise I doubt I’d go out of my way.

Check it:


What you guys think? Tried my best to go vibrant with it. Could you just imagine your social media feed when a friend decides Downsizing is the way to go? It’d be like having that friend that watched a documentary and then decided to go Vegan, or that one person that took a gap year to half build a hut and all of a sudden they think they are Mother Theresa.

Sum up,

Sabotage. Say it like Bugs Bunny.

The Bluntspear Insignia


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