Painting with Acrylics again…

Started a bit of painting with acrylics on canvas again. It has been a hot minute since my last excursion, and like the last one, this is for a close family friend.




Did a wash and started the build up after sketching the composition. I really do need tips on painting with acrylics as it’s been so long… forgot whether there is something to treat the body of work after its done etc. Any tips welcomed in all honesty.

Current situation:


I think oils are next. Although I remember it being a messy, turbulent affair. Honestly working with paint deserves it’s own dedicated room so you can leave sh*t out and not have to worry about cleaning. Looking like that one in the house that is the epicenter of a haunting.

Sum up,

Still TAPping it.

The Bluntspear Insignia


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