Pick a card… any card

So I recently designed some business cards. Which is the second time I’ve done this for myself in damn near a decade. Turns out my work comes mostly by people talking behind my back. Snitches, you.

So I thought with the new portfolio, networking and all that jazz, it’d be good to get a small batch of cards done up for the #StoryboardWarlord.

Went with Printed.com, and as usual, they do me good. They were Goodprint back in the day.

Got them delivered recent, rounded corners and all. One messed up in the batch but the rest I’ve seen is pretty up there in quality.

Check it:


© 2017 Dulani Wilson / bluntspear.com. All rights reserved

Turned out great. Got them printed with fb.com/SandJFoods cards, so we got a nice supply stacked. Gambit would be hella proud.


At the moment working on a few stuff, re: TheActionPixel.com + TheActionPixel.store, designing some new T-Shirts and trying to find a new supplier. God knows I need someone dependable. Everyone else’s been giving me the hard shaft. Plus some other interesting charity work. But all in all, it’s been a great day.

Sum up,

Everything you see from the buildings to the cars on the street started as an idea… a dream

The Bluntspear Insignia



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