Insidious: The Last Key – The sound of annihilation is silence

Loved this little render I did. Maybe 'love' is too strong a word. But anyway, did it and entered it for the Talenthouse competition. Some seriously dope entries there. But thought I'd share this with you guys Check it out: In any case, something to pass the time Sum up, Not feeling very festive-y


Hey gang, sharing the second design poster I did for the Talenthouse / Insidious: The Last Key competition. Check it out:     Sum up, Things to do. But people are cockblocking progress.

Greetings Bluntspearians, Yeah, that's the title I have christened whoever reads this. Been a busy few weeks storyboarding along with TAP stuff. A lot of liquor ads. Must be the summer. And what's the obsession with millennials improv-ing social rave or gathering to have a dance and a drink? Any who, I digress. Thought I'd share an... Continue Reading →

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