Pyramid Plots and Schemes

New Post! Man are you not proud of me. Where's my gold star?! So got a last minute storyboard job Friday. Should have been Thursday, but hey, you know the freelancer's dilemma, right? In any case, I did a scamp of a pyramid. Wasn't used so said may as well show you, pistoleros. Check it:... Continue Reading →

**UPDATE: Have a listen to the album here: New post! It's one of them things where you're posting non-stop on it just takes up all the time. But you know that already, right. But in any case here is some creative news that I can share. Did some cover art for Scrulove next EP (nowadays we... Continue Reading →

Little MINX quick banner image

Did this. Putting it up late as forgot about it. And by the looks of it, you'd have missed the event if you were interested. My bad. Main reason for the lateness though is I've been sick. Flu. Twice in one month. That's like a record somewhere, right? *Slow claps at the universe*. Nice one,... Continue Reading →

Order’s up

Did some story art a while back for a pitch on a  food ad. Can't remember the brand. But it didn't get the go ahead with the director. But thought I'd share a few of the frames anyway. Check it: It's always a challenge to work as fast as possible but to keep an image's form... Continue Reading →

Wish Big.

Remember those 2 Talenthouse competitions I entered. Didn't win. Not a surprise in all honesty. Save for a few that made the last round that had me genuinely scratching my head. But thought I would share on here one of the last entries to the Downsizing comp. Just a low angle of woman dwarfed by... Continue Reading →

Hey gang, sharing the second design poster I did for the Talenthouse / Insidious: The Last Key competition. Check it out:     Sum up, Things to do. But people are cockblocking progress.

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